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Carpat Guard Oferta Monitorizare cu Sistem de Alarma Gratuit de la Firma de Paza Carpat Guard
VIP transport bodyguard |  VIP childern bodyguard |  VIP parties bodyguard


Is an elitist security service, addressed mainly to businessmen, presidents of companies / investment funds, investors, etc.
This service consists in providing security services, type bodyguard, and VIP transport.

The transportation of customers is made only with Mercedes cars, the customers being sent a list of cars in orer for them to choose the car they will want to use.

Contracts will be concluded standard or to subscription. For details, please contact us.

Service packages

1. 1 Mercedes car
2. 1 professional driver
3. 1 armed bodyguard at the driver's right side

1. two (2) Mercedes cars (VIP car + escort)
2. two (2) professional drivers
3. two to five (2-5) bodyguards, according to requirements

Prices are negotiable depending on several parameters, are expressed in Euro and are billed per hour or per number of kilometers.

Guard agents

CARPAT GUARD is a Romanian security company that combines harmoniously human security through its agents with modern supervision technique in order to leverage the process of security
Guard agents for companies
Guard agents for residences
Guard agents for banks
Guard agents for construction sites
Guard agents for events
telefon 021.311.3513
[email protected]
CC CATCH concert at the Sala Palatului
CARPAT GUARD secured the concert of the artist CC CATCH with over 40 bodyguards and guard agents.
The European Parliament - May
GUARD CARPAT signed a contract with the European Union Parliament in order to ensure security during the parliamentary elections in Romania.
Ursus Free Track
During 5-7.12.2008 CARPAT GUARD provided security services for the Ursus Free Track event, the first urban offroad competition in Europe; the event had a strong media promovation.
The security of the Siemens company
SIEMENS signed a contract, at national level, with CARPAT GUARD, beginning with 01.07.2008, for the guard of the production objectives and facilities from Romania.

Cursuri de Limba Germana, Engleza

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