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Carpat Guard Oferta Monitorizare cu Sistem de Alarma Gratuit de la Firma de Paza Carpat Guard

Security Uniforms, Security Guard Uniforms, Uniform

Please choose a uniform, that the CARPAT GUARD guard agents should wear at your objective.
We believe that our business success depends on communication and interaction, therefore we offer the possibility to choose the Security Guard Uniforms or Uniform depending on what you think that it may represent you.

Besides the role of security that the CARPAT GUARD guard agent or bodyguard fulfills, he is the first that someone entering your home or office interacts with.

Certainly represents every employee us, but to some extent he represents you also; therefore we offer you the opportunity to personalize your security service in all aspects in order to integrate with the image that your business promotes.

Security Uniforms examples

1. Suit
2. Cloth trousers + shirt + summer/winter jacket
3. Intervention Security Guard Uniforms overall, deux pieces + multifunctional vest + boots
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CC CATCH concert at the Sala Palatului
CARPAT GUARD secured the concert of the artist CC CATCH with over 40 bodyguards and guard agents.
The European Parliament - May
GUARD CARPAT signed a contract with the European Union Parliament in order to ensure security during the parliamentary elections in Romania.
Ursus Free Track
During 5-7.12.2008 CARPAT GUARD provided security services for the Ursus Free Track event, the first urban offroad competition in Europe; the event had a strong media promovation.
The security of the Siemens company
SIEMENS signed a contract, at national level, with CARPAT GUARD, beginning with 01.07.2008, for the guard of the production objectives and facilities from Romania.

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